TBT Preamp MKII Control

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A Max for Live device created to put every midi function of the Chase Bliss Preamp MKII pedal at the user's fingertips!

This device gives allows you to...

  • Dial in patches without bending over! Control or automate any midi function of the Preamp MKII remotely within Ableton via a single midi cable!
  • Understand the pedal more thoroughly! A helpful interface and handy info text descriptions make it easy to figure out what each control does without having to open the pedal's manual!
  • Use Ableton as a preset manager for your pedal! No more trying to find an old patch, build a tone for a song and save it directly within the project file of that song!
  • Automate the process of saving presets to multiple pedals at once as well as a midi controller! It's best to watch the videos for this one!
  • Control your pedal with an Ableton Push 2! Device parameters can be accessed within Push device view! (It may work on Push 1, but I have not done testing on that device)

Watch this video if you want understand why I made these plugins and the big picture of how they all work together to make programming a pedalboard easier!

This plugin requires certain equipment to be able to use it! Please watch this short 2min and 22 second video to make sure you have what you need!

Even if you are experienced with Max for Live devices, this short video should get you up and running faster as well as give some helpful tips to avoid any headaches.

The following two videos are for those looking to see these plugins in use as well as more detail on how to use them well. These videos are longer and slower paced because I tried to hit every possible little detail and concept. If needed, use the chapter markers as well as the yellow indicators to skip past information not relevant to you.

To take control of the pedal using this plugin, you will need to know what Midi Channel it is set to...

"Preamp MKII™ is set to MIDI channel 2 by default. This can be changed by holding down both stomp switches simultaneously when you provide power to the pedal and releasing the stomp switches once the seven segment display on the front of the pedal lights up. The pedal is now looking for the first Program Change message it sees and will set itself to whichever channel it receives that message from. This is saved as the new MIDI channel until you decide to change it again."

(Chase Bliss Preamp MKII Midi Manual)

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Important Requirements:
You will need a Chase Bliss Preamp MKII pedal and a way to get midi information to it from Ableton. You will need Ableton Live 10 Suite or above OR Ableton Live 10 Standard or above with the Max for Live add-on. Please see the "What You Need" video for more help!
Built in Max for Live 8.1.11 and above, tested on Windows 10 as well as Apple Silicon and Intel Macintosh machines running MacOS Ventura 13.2 and above.
Usage License:
This product is meant for a single-user. Please use it on as many of your own computers as you would like, but encourage your friends to purchase it here! For businesses, please purchase one per Ableton Live license you wish to use it with. For other uses, please refer to U.S. Copyright Law for guidance.
This product was not created by Chase Bliss or Ableton. If you are encountering an issue please make a post in r/tbtpedalcontrollers and tag me @trevorbeingtrevor if necessary. Due to the digital nature of this product, I can not guarantee a refund. However, if you email trevorbeingtrev@gmail.com and give a valid reason I am happy to help you out. I have put alot of work into the product page to help you understand what you are purchasing and how it works. Please look it over before buying if you are concerned.

TBT Preamp MKII Control

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